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Perfect Piece of the Puzzle, Inc., a non-profit 501(C)3 organization started with the hope of helping other families such as myself. It stemmed from trying to understand how and where to go and found that there are lack of information and resources to help me on my journey. Therefore, using the information received during my resolute research, I want to share with, and be a guide to similar families, so that we can do better for each other. Giving our children a better chance at life. It is not an easy task of supporting your family as well as giving our children the time needed to flourish.


At the age of 25, and if you asked me in the next five years where do you see yourself, I probably would have told you shopping and traveling my life away. Well, amid that five-year mark, at the age of 28 I was in for the ride of my life.  Pregnant with my first child, I expected to be filled with joy and preparation, but for me that was not the case. When tested at about 16 weeks, I found out my unborn son had a chromosome deletion that would leave him with a multiple of medical issues, quickly categorizing him with special needs I could not wrap my head around. And at that point, all I could think of is, why me?

Now we are at 5 years into this amazing journey together, my son and I. Along the way, I have discovered that information is grossly lacking. As we proceed to encroach upon new steps in life, the process gets harder and harder. Luckily, because I do not like partial information, I search for me. As I have been putting the pieces together, I find that there are not many resource for those that fall under the general umbrella of special needs. Most programs focus only on autism and the awareness of such.

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